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Introduction to the world of Minecraft using the Scratch programming language. It is an ideal tool to start your first adventure with coding.

  • 5 meetings (once a week)

  • 2 x 45 min (every meeting)

  • Maximum number of students (8)

for the course 830.00 AED

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The online course "Explorer of Minecraft" is a unique opportunity to learn about different aspects of Minecraft from a programming perspective. By combining modern solutions with proven platforms we enable you to learn about different programs and programming languages through the world of Minecraft. Our online class is NOT a webinar or a Youtube course! In our online class, each student will see the teacher's screen, hear what he or she is saying, and the teacher will have an insight into what the student is doing and speaking (he or she will see each student's screen). Each student will be able to ask a question by voice, the teacher will be able to answer every question and indicate exactly where the error is and how to fix it.

Plan of the course

The aim of the lesson is to learn the basic issues in different coding languages and use them in practice. Students will learn about the code.org platform, thanks to which all coding elements will be immediately visible in the miniature world of Minecraft. We will learn the principles of motion control, how to use loops and interact with objects and objects.
During the lesson, participants will mix with the legendary Minecraft character Wither. By partnering with Wither we will learn the basics of Scratch programming, the creation of objects and their interactions with each other. In addition, the concepts of conditional loop and cloning will be introduced.
Several Endermans decided to steal chests from Steve's vault. We will try to stop them using the power of our bows. During the classes we will learn what a draw is and how to use it in programming.
Creatures from Minecraft attack with double the force. Join Steve and once and for all fight off your opponents. Students learn how to create and receive messages. In addition, they will discuss advanced mathematical activities.
The aim of the lesson is to summarize information about Scratch programming. In addition, the MakeCode environment will be presented, which students use while continuing their classes.