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The course is a great option for all students fascinated by the world of Roblox. During the course, students will learn the secrets of creating and managing their own worlds.

  • 5 meetings (once a week)

  • 2 x 45 min (every meeting)

  • Maximum number of students (10)

for the course 830.00 AED

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The online course "Game developer in ROBLOX" is a great option for students who want to learn how to create games in Roblox using the LUA language. During the course we will present how to create 3D games. Elements such as game mechanics and logic and creating 3D models will be presented. Our online classes are NOT a webinar or a Youtube course! During our online classes each student will see the teacher's screen, hear what he or she is saying and the teacher will have an insight into what the student is doing and saying (he or she will see each student's screen). Each student will be able to ask a question by voice, the teacher will be able to answer every question and indicate exactly where the error is and how to fix it.

Plan of the course

The aim of the lesson will be to familiarize yourself with the Roblox Studio environment. Students will learn the basics of how to create objects, objects, determine the type of material, colors, and how to modify their size and position. Each participant will prepare their own map and test it by adding a player.
The aim of the classes will be to present the basic issues of Lua's language such as variables, conditional instructions and the use of these skills to program collisions, interactions between the player and other objects in the game.
Continuation of the previous lesson
The aim of the classes will be to complete the Extreme Track project and make it available to the Roblox community.
The aim of the lesson is to learn about the animations and interactions with the mannequin. You will learn the basics of how to create a character animation along with the interaction with the object and the activation of the animation after each winning wave. Each participant will prepare their animation, and then test it in their game and create a program that will enable the animation to be activated.